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TWD Coconut Butter Thins

Well I’m kind of torn over this recipe, I think I like it. I’m just not sure it they turned out right. The cookies are still warm from the oven and maybe I need to give them a little more time to cool. The sweetness I would say is perfect. I did substitute hazelnuts for macadamia nuts because thats what I had in the pantry. I’ve seen a couple of pictures of these cookies and mine don’t really fit in as far as asthetics go. Besides subbing the type of nuts I followed the recipe exactly.   p3310094Maybe my oven is running a little hot today, they really lost their shape and the tine marks from the fork are gone.  On the up side, I love coconut and these remind me of  Pepperidge farms cookies…I think they’re called Bordeaux. So my second batch is now in the oven so we shall see how the turn out!!!p3310096


The remaining batches turned out the same as the first, and of course I did some quality control on each batch…..and the flavor is great. This is a really good and easy cookie. I have several people in mind who I know would love this combination of flavors and can’t wait to share with them.


TWD Blueberry Crumb Cake


Sometimes a pictures isn’t worth a thousand words. This picture sadly does no justice to the wonderful recipe it evolved from. This TWD Blueberry crumb cake is absolutely amazing. I followed the recipe exactly as written. One of my favorite techniques I’ve learned from Dorie’s cookbook is rubbing the sugar together with lemon zest or other zest,  I feel this adds so much to each recipe. It’s almost spiritual, using your hands to infuse flavors in the foundation of the recipe…..maybe I’m just weird. Anyway, this recipe seems to be open for change; such as substituting raspberries, peaches, or cranberries for the blueberries. I personnaly loved it as written as I’m a huge blue berry fan. My co-workers demolished this one in minutes!!! Highly recommended and quick to make!!!

TWD French Yogurt Cake

Lemon zestI have gotten behind in my participation with TWD, my wonderful grandmother passed away last week and it’s been a difficult few weeks.  So hopefully I can now get back on track. Last night I made Dorie’s French Yogurt cake and must say that it delicious. A quick and easy one bowl recipe with  basic ingredients.

I followed the recipe as written, except substituting orange marmalade for the lemon.

I typically use my 3cup mini chopper to process nuts, but this time I used my coffee bean grinder and Wow what a difference!!! I should of thought of that a long time ago!!! The cake came together nicely and baked evenly for 50 minutes. I glazed while it was still warm and then couldn’t resist trying it ……it was sooo good!!! Now that was last night, I just home from work and am having another piece and it’s even better today!!! As soon as my camera charges I will post pictures of the steps I took.





TWD Caramel Crunch Bars

This week’s Tuesday’s with Dorie recipe is Caramel crunch bars. I really love Dories idea of making theses into ice cream sandwiches, but I’ll save that variation for warmer weather. The recipe is pretty easy and straight forward compared the last few weeks. The dough was easy to make, except for the part of the recipe where you add the flour and cover the mixing bowl with a tea towel. Even after my many years of baking I seem to have a lead foot when it comes to the speed control on my mixer……flour everywhere!!!

flour everywhere!!!!

After rescuing what flour I could, I chopped 3oz of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate and realized that my favorite Henkel was in dire need of sharpening!!!



The dough was very sticky, but also soft and pliable. I lined a 9×13 pan with non-stick foil and sprayed it with Pam. I always have a problem “spreading evenly” so once the dough was almost filling the pan, I used a straight sided glass to even it out, it worked very good.


The recipe calls for sprinkling 6oz of chocolate over the hot crust, but being the rule breaker that I am I used almost 8oz. Here’s a great shot of the melting chocolate!!


p2240086 The finished product looks amazing!! In a few hours I will do a little quality control and report back!!!

TWD Devil’s Food White out cake

Uhg….I’ m late but here is this week’s Devil’s food White out cake!! I  found the batter easy to pull together, but the cake itself was a little crumbly coming out of the pans. Maybe I overmixed??  It is tasty though!! The frosting is pretty easy so far, the sugar has taken about 12-15 minutes to reach 242deg.  I’ve stopped beating my whites at this point, waiting for the syrup to come to temp.  p2180071p2180072frostngp2180076

And here is the finished cake, the frosting came out beautifully and there was alot of it!!!

Baking a memory

I have been itching to make some kind of fabulous cake lately. I’ve been looking at all sorts of recipes like Dobos torte, Sacher torte, Princess tort ect. I want a challenge!! This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now and this morning it finally hit me. Many years ago we had a birthday party for my step-moms father, and the cake was from the bakery at Hotel Sofitel when there was still a location here in Toledo. I remember the cake was so stunning and tasted amazing. But what was it??? So I called her this morning and we both seem to remember almonds and caramel. Not being able to find just what I was looking for I ‘ve concocted my own version. It consists of an almond cake with a small amount of cocoa, vanilla pastry cream mixed  with whipped cream and crushed almond brittle. I haven’t decided on the frosting yet, I’m leaning towards a mocha butter cream with some ganche accents….I would love any suggestions!!!

Here is the finished product not quite what I had in mind but I’m sure it will be tasty!!

Mocha Almond sponge cake with lofty pastry cream almond brittle cake

Mocha Almond sponge cake with lofty pastry cream and almond brittle

It would have been perfect if I had centered the cake on the board!!


I’ll be posting the recipes that I used shortly….they are from several different sources plus just a combination of “what felt right”, I’m sure you all know what I mean.

TWD World Peace cookies

I must say this has been one of the easiest recipes that I’ve made in a awhile that resulted in an amazing cookie. As most people stated in the P&Q the dough was very crumbly, so I opted to over mix just to see what would happen. I mixed the until it fully came together, it was quite soft and easy to roll into a log. After chilling several hours I baked off half of log, I just couldn’t wait any longer because the dough itself tasted soo good.

Chilled dough

Chilled dough

Now my husband is not the biggest chocolate fan and he just loved these cookies. I baked them for exactly 12 minutes and they were just perfect. The first batch I made was gone the next morning….hmmm non-chocolate loving husband at work??

World Peace cookies

World Peace cookies

Hopefully there will be some left tomorrow morning. I thought the flavor and texture of these cookies were great and I would definatley make them again.