TWD Coconut Butter Thins

Well I’m kind of torn over this recipe, I think I like it. I’m just not sure it they turned out right. The cookies are still warm from the oven and maybe I need to give them a little more time to cool. The sweetness I would say is perfect. I did substitute hazelnuts for macadamia nuts because thats what I had in the pantry. I’ve seen a couple of pictures of these cookies and mine don’t really fit in as far as asthetics go. Besides subbing the type of nuts I followed the recipe exactly.   p3310094Maybe my oven is running a little hot today, they really lost their shape and the tine marks from the fork are gone.  On the up side, I love coconut and these remind me of  Pepperidge farms cookies…I think they’re called Bordeaux. So my second batch is now in the oven so we shall see how the turn out!!!p3310096


The remaining batches turned out the same as the first, and of course I did some quality control on each batch…..and the flavor is great. This is a really good and easy cookie. I have several people in mind who I know would love this combination of flavors and can’t wait to share with them.


2 responses to “TWD Coconut Butter Thins

  1. Give them a chance…lots of us weren’t sold on the first few bites and found we couldn’t avoid the cookie jar! I do hope they grow on you!

  2. I found that I really enjoyed this cookie much more than I anticipated I would. I’ve found with recipes such as this, I just never know if the cookies will spread or not. I got lucky this time. Hope your 2nd batch worked out well, too!

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