TWD Blueberry Crumb Cake


Sometimes a pictures isn’t worth a thousand words. This picture sadly does no justice to the wonderful recipe it evolved from. This TWD Blueberry crumb cake is absolutely amazing. I followed the recipe exactly as written. One of my favorite techniques I’ve learned from Dorie’s cookbook is rubbing the sugar together with lemon zest or other zest,  I feel this adds so much to each recipe. It’s almost spiritual, using your hands to infuse flavors in the foundation of the recipe…..maybe I’m just weird. Anyway, this recipe seems to be open for change; such as substituting raspberries, peaches, or cranberries for the blueberries. I personnaly loved it as written as I’m a huge blue berry fan. My co-workers demolished this one in minutes!!! Highly recommended and quick to make!!!


One response to “TWD Blueberry Crumb Cake

  1. I thought this was really tasty, too. Especially the topping, yum.

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