TWD Devil’s Food White out cake

Uhg….I’ m late but here is this week’s Devil’s food White out cake!! I  found the batter easy to pull together, but the cake itself was a little crumbly coming out of the pans. Maybe I overmixed??  It is tasty though!! The frosting is pretty easy so far, the sugar has taken about 12-15 minutes to reach 242deg.  I’ve stopped beating my whites at this point, waiting for the syrup to come to temp.  p2180071p2180072frostngp2180076

And here is the finished cake, the frosting came out beautifully and there was alot of it!!!


2 responses to “TWD Devil’s Food White out cake

  1. Yeah! Your cake looks perfect. I got really impatient and never got my sugar up to temp, but it turned out pretty good anyway. IT was quite tasty. Great job!

  2. The cake looks great! I swear I am going to try that frosting soon!

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