TWD World Peace cookies

I must say this has been one of the easiest recipes that I’ve made in a awhile that resulted in an amazing cookie. As most people stated in the P&Q the dough was very crumbly, so I opted to over mix just to see what would happen. I mixed the until it fully came together, it was quite soft and easy to roll into a log. After chilling several hours I baked off half of log, I just couldn’t wait any longer because the dough itself tasted soo good.

Chilled dough

Chilled dough

Now my husband is not the biggest chocolate fan and he just loved these cookies. I baked them for exactly 12 minutes and they were just perfect. The first batch I made was gone the next morning….hmmm non-chocolate loving husband at work??

World Peace cookies

World Peace cookies

Hopefully there will be some left tomorrow morning. I thought the flavor and texture of these cookies were great and I would definatley make them again.


12 responses to “TWD World Peace cookies

  1. So glad you liked them…they look great!

  2. They look great! I’ve seen lots of people say that non-chocolate lovers like these…interesting!

  3. Jeff wiped out my first half-batch before I could get any photos! He’s hooked.

  4. Well, if there’s none left at least you know how easy they are to throw together. Great job!

  5. I so was looking for a ruler last night! I did not have one, but my son had half a paper one that I used! I am glad I was not the only one. Great looking cookies!

  6. Your cookies look great and I’m glad that your family enjoyed them so much!

  7. these were good weren’t they. And soooo easy. Yours look great.

  8. So were there any leftover? These were really fantastic!

  9. NICE JOB!

    I just read on TWD that you work in a flower shop? SO DO I! It’s gonna be CRAZY next week!

  10. They are easy, aren’t they! Glad your husband is enjoying them even though they are chocolate!

  11. Best wishes for Valentine’s Day — sounds like you can always make another batch of these cookies, easy and husband-pleasing too!

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