Baking a memory

I have been itching to make some kind of fabulous cake lately. I’ve been looking at all sorts of recipes like Dobos torte, Sacher torte, Princess tort ect. I want a challenge!! This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now and this morning it finally hit me. Many years ago we had a birthday party for my step-moms father, and the cake was from the bakery at Hotel Sofitel when there was still a location here in Toledo. I remember the cake was so stunning and tasted amazing. But what was it??? So I called her this morning and we both seem to remember almonds and caramel. Not being able to find just what I was looking for I ‘ve concocted my own version. It consists of an almond cake with a small amount of cocoa, vanilla pastry cream mixed  with whipped cream and crushed almond brittle. I haven’t decided on the frosting yet, I’m leaning towards a mocha butter cream with some ganche accents….I would love any suggestions!!!

Here is the finished product not quite what I had in mind but I’m sure it will be tasty!!

Mocha Almond sponge cake with lofty pastry cream almond brittle cake

Mocha Almond sponge cake with lofty pastry cream and almond brittle

It would have been perfect if I had centered the cake on the board!!


I’ll be posting the recipes that I used shortly….they are from several different sources plus just a combination of “what felt right”, I’m sure you all know what I mean.


One response to “Baking a memory

  1. I can hardly wait! I love the mocha buttercream idea. This cake is going to be a chocoholic’s dream!!!

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