French Pear Tart….My first time!!!

Well after a long day at work I couldn’t wait to get home and make the French Pear tart. My tart pan did arrive today and its in the oven. Here is my progress so far…..

Tart crust

Tart crust

Almond cream

Almond cream

ready for the oven!!!

ready for the oven!!!

I found the crust a bit difficult to pull together. I don’t have a food processor so first I cut all the ingredients together, then I did small batches in my 3cup mini food processor. It seemed to work out fine. Again without the aid of a processor I ground the almonds in my mini and combined the rest in the Kitchen aide with the wire whip as recommended. By the way I looked at ground almond flour in the store tonight and it was $13.99 for a 16oz bag….Holy cow!!!
Finally I decided to go with the canned pears in the interest of time. Twenty-nine minutes and counting and my tart will be done. More pictures to come!!


3 responses to “French Pear Tart….My first time!!!

  1. You did a beautiful job!!!!! Very nice!

  2. Welcome to the club! Your tart looks awesome. I mean it looks like you have made a million before. Great work!

  3. Thanks for the welcome and great comments!!!
    The tart tasted sooo goood too!!

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